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Winter semester 2023/24

Information on the courses "Medical Terminology", "History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine" and "Ethical Foundations (BSc Molecular Medicine)" can be found in the HISinOne course catalog.

The following seminars can be attended as preclinical and clinical electives, as pro- or main seminars in BA and MA Philosophy, and by individual arrangement by other interested students. More info can be found in the HISinOne course catalog.

Seminar: Humour in philosophy and medicine
Teaching: Boldt, Höpfl, Ries
Preparation meeting: 26.10.2023, 16-18 h c.t., Seminar Room Institute
Block dates: 25./26.01. und 01./02.02.2024, always 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., seminar room Institute



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