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Lectures on bio- and medical ethics

Winter semester 2019/20


New technologies and findings in medicine and the biosciences, as well as societal demands on them, repeatedly present us with ethical and philosophical challenges: What do we think we can do and what can we really do? What of our abilities may we apply and in what form should we do so? What criteria can guide us in this? How do we understand the nature within us and the nature around us in light of such advances? What presents itself to us as good human living and dying?

The series „Lectures on Bio- and Medical Ethics“ addresses relevant fields and developments in medicine and the biosciences, illuminating their ethical implications and exposing the philosophical dimensions of these developments.

Organisation und Moderation: PD Dr. Joachim Boldt, Dr. Raphael Rauh

Thursdays, 6 p.m. c.t.
Lecture Hall 1010, KGI, Platz der Universität 3

14.11.2019 Dr. Ulrike Neumaier
The Placebo effect:
On the effectiveness of the ineffective
09.01.2020 PD Dr. Joachim Boldt
Is better always good?
The ethical discussion about human enhancement
23.01.2020 Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordmann
Evolution, design and the limits of knowledge in bioengineering
30.01.2020 Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul Hoff
Assisted suicide and mental illness:
An (un)solvable area of tension?


No registration required. Free admission.
You can find the flyer for the lecture series here.


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